Test Results – Just How Effective Is Erection By Command?

Erection By Command is a revolutionary new treatment for erection problems, based on the extremely powerful principles of NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

NLP allows you to literally “program” yourself with triggers that will produce any bodily state you want on demand – including one of sexual arousal and erection.

I’ve worked with men, helping them with their sexual problems for many years now, and although I’ve heard great things about this approach to solving erection problems, I’ve never used it myself – until now.

So this review of Erection By Command is really all about explaining what’s in the program, telling you what I think about it, and then letting you decide for yourself if you wish to try it.  But…. there’s more.

Real World Erection Testing!

Since I have a large group of male clients with erectile dysfunction who wanted to try this program, I decided to back up my opinions with some real-world tests!

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Let’s face it guys – without the ability to get an erection you really are less of a man!

I gave the program to 37 of my male clients to try, all of whom had moderate to severe erection problems which were not caused by physical problems like diabetes or MS.

After 6 weeks, 31 of them (which equals 84%) said their erections were substantially better, firmer and longer lasting, and 29 of them said they were totally confident about sex because their anxiety about losing their erections had reduced so much.

In my opinion, the ideas in Erection By Command could well become the treatment of choice for erection problems. You can learn more about the program by clicking on the link in the right hand column of this page.

Erection Problems Solved!

For most guys there’s nothing worse than not being able to get an erection.

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, strikes at the heart of how we feel about ourselves. Being erect is a clear sign of our masculinity, our male sexual power. And, let’s face it, having an erection feels good, particularly when it’s about to be used in sex!

So it’s no surprise that if you’re having erection problems, you’ll be feeling pretty bad about it.

But the good news is that there is a remedy – and that’s true whether your erection problems have happened unexpectedly, perhaps even for the first time, or whether you’ve been noticing for a while that your erections aren’t as reliable as they used to be, or whether you are completely impotent. We will look at it in more detail in a moment, but to give you a clue as to what we are talking about, it is called Erection By Command by Lloyd Lester.

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A man who can’t pleasure a woman is a man who’s effectively emasculated.

Now, many men with erectile dysfunction (often referred to as ED) don’t have a clue why it’s happening.

But if you think about it, there are really only two reasons why you might not get hard when you want: something’s gone wrong in your mind, or something’s gone wrong in your body.

To get an erection, you have to get aroused, which can happen either in your mind (using fantasy, say, or porn) or your body (when you get into a sexual situation with a woman you know you’re gonna make out with).

But no matter how it happens, sexual arousal comes before you get hard. Then, your brain starts sending messages to your penis. That’s how you get an erection. Not exactly on command, maybe, but hopefully more or less whenever you want one!

These messages go straight to the muscles in your penis, which control the blood supply to the penis. They relax; this means the arteries can open up and so pump more blood into the body of your penis.

The relaxation of these muscles allows the spaces in the corpora cavernosa the penis to fill with blood to the extent that the veins which would normally carry blood out of the penis are compressed. This means more blood flows into the penis than flows out of it. This is the basis of getting an “erection on command” – the power of the mind over the mechanism of erection in the body.

This mechanism will keep the penis erect for as long sexual arousal continues or until the nerve signals from the brain to the penis decrease in intensity.

One of the things that often causes the brain to stop sending nerve impulses to the penis is anxiety or fear. That really gets in the way of sexual arousal, and can cause the loss of your erection on command.

You can probably see that since an erection is so dependent on your nervous system working properly, and your blood vessels responding to the commands they get from the nervous system, erectile dysfunction can be the result of many different problems in the body.

For instance, many men with diabetes find that the nervous system doesn’t function correctly due to nerve damage. And when your blood vessels are blocked by cholesterol (fatty deposits) or damaged by smoking, you may find you develop erection problems because of inadequate blood flow.

Another the other major causes of ED and erection problems is medication for other conditions – in particular, pills for high blood pressure, heart disease, antidepressants and mood altering drugs can prevent the erection mechanism working properly. Even if the cause of your erection problem lies in this arena, Erection By Command may help you overcome erectile failure. But you may also wish to talk to your doctor or read the packaging around your medication to see if it may be responsible for yoru loss of erection.

Facts such as these have led to a widespread belief that the majority of erectile dysfunction is caused by physical problems in the body.

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Restore the smile to your woman’s face by learning how to get an erection on command.

However, different experts hold different views about the proportion of erection problems that are caused by physical or emotional issues. However, there are many men out there who can benefit from natural remedies for ED. And the interesting thing is that cures for erectile dysfunction which focus on the mind also seem to have a massive impact on erectile dysfunction which is apparently caused by problems in the body.

Quite why this happens remains unclear, but my guess is that even if there’s a physical cause behind a man’s difficulties in this area, once he has lost his hard-on once, fear and anxiety become the predominant factors in causing erection problems for a man.

So anything that deals with loss of sexual confidence, or fear about not being able to get erect, or fear of losing your erection, or anxiety about somehow not being good enough in bed, will be a natural remedy for ED.

That’s why Erection by Command is such a powerful ED product. Not only is it an effective treatment for ED, but it actually contains lots of information that can improve the quality of your love life, the sexual satisfaction of both you and your partner, and the joy and pleasure that you will get from sexual intercourse. This website offers a real, honest, factual Erection by Command review. 

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